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Terms & conditions


Your booking and/or payment of your session fee signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions as a legally binding contract, unless otherwise objected to explicitly and in writing, prior to accepting my service. No variation of this contract shall be recognised unless explicitly agreed to in writing.

Any booking or payment made to me (including the session fee) indicates that you have read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions as set out in this document, in its entirety.



Your portrait session is reserved only once deposit is paid for. Deposit fees are non-refundable in the case of last minute cancellations, or customer not turning up all together. This deposit will contribute towards the photographer and her assistant's time and energy preparing for the session. 

Sometimes it is necessary for the photographer or client to reschedule, for example due to injury or serious illness. If there are unavoidable circumstances that affect your ability to take part in our photo shoot session, then I am happy for us to reschedule once, within a three-month period. Please let me know as soon as possible that you can no longer make the session, and at least 48 hours in advance.

Please note that any new date will be subject to the Photographer’s availability. I shall use reasonable endeavour to arrange an alternative date for your photo shoot session.

In the event that we cannot agree another date, or if you are unable to attend your re-booked session, then your session fee will be lost. Your session fee is non-refundable should you decide to cancel your portrait shoot.


In the unlikely event of technical problems, camera/photographic failure, loss of image(s) before delivery to the client is made, injury or sickness beyond my control, my liability shall be limited to a full refund.


I will use reasonable endeavours to supply the Photography Services described on my website and marketing materials in a professional manner. 

I reserve the right to decline to book or carry out any portrait session or services that I deem to pose a health and safety risk to you, myself, my assistant, or other people. 


You agree to assist and cooperate with me in all matters relating to the Photography Services and to supply me with all information reasonably requested in order for me to carry out the Photography Services. You agree to do everything you can and that I request of you to ensure that everyone attending the photoshoot is well-rested and cooperative (e.g. no sugary food or drinks before or during the shoot; timing naps and feeds to ensure children are at their best for the agreed start time; staying calm, positive and encouraging; and follow instructions given by the photographer etc).


Although I will do everything I can to make the experience engaging and enjoyable, you understand that I am not responsible for any photoshoot participants who refuse to cooperate, and that this may impact on the number and quality of the images I am able to capture. In the event of this occurring, I will finish the session in time regardless. And I DO NOT have to repeat the session another day for free.

You agree to take responsibility for your own and your child(ren)’s safety throughout your portrait session, recognising that there are additional hazards to watch out for in a professional photography studio, including, but not limited to, lights and light stands, background sheets and background stands, electrical equipment, trip hazards, fall hazards etc. If you child(ren) is posed in, on or near a prop or another member of your family, you agree to remain nearby, vigilant and responsible for their safety at all times.

If you have other children, apart from the child I'm working with, for example a newborn sessions, you are responsible to keep the other children away from where I'm working,  be it in the studio, or within your home. Be sure they are attended at all times and for them not to touch or play with any of the equipments we are working with, that may result in damage or lost to photographer's equipment. In the case of damage or lost of our equipments, you understand that you will be fully responsible for the cost of damage and replacement of the equipments. we will not be held accountable for the damage as we will solely be focusing on working on the task in hand. 


I will do my best to capture the best images out of the session possible. However is not responsible for the mood and expressions of the baby.

In the case of baby not cooperating during the session, despite efforts made to calm the baby down and pose them,  you understand that the photographer is not responsible for the way this may impact the number and quality of the images that the photographer is able to capture. You also understand that I am not liable to redo the sessions another time for free, if the baby do not cooperate during the session.

The photographer will choose which photos from the session to edit with best expressions and photo quality based on her expertise in the field.

Customer's photos are kept no longer than 2 months after the session. Please download your online gallery within a month after the date you received the gallery.

Unedited photos will not be given, but will be available for purchase at the cost of RM150.  

The photographer retains full copyright on the photographs and you shall not have any other photographer to edit images produced under Yours truly photography. We can however edit more photos for you with an additional fee.


Please make every effort to arrive on time for your session and please let me know as soon as possible if you anticipate arriving late. If you are less than fifteen minutes late, your session length may be reduced accordingly. If you are more than fifteen minutes late, your session may be cancelled, with no refund or re-shoot provided.

If a session duration is not specified as part of your package, I will end the session at my discretion when I determine that adequate images in terms of quality and quantity have been captured. 

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